Capsule Shaped Gym Ball For Fitness Exercise With Pumper

Original price was: 2,000.00৳ .Current price is: 1,499.00৳ .

Type: Gym Ball
Durable PVC material
Burst-resistant Ball
Anti-burst PVC construction
Great for any age or fitness level
Helps develop balance and coordination
Made In China



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We are introducing the Capsule Shaped Gym Ball – a revolutionary fitness accessory designed for a dynamic and effective workout experience. This innovative gym ball boasts a unique capsule shape, offering distinct advantages for users seeking versatility and enhanced performance.

Overall Design of Capsule Shaped Gym Ball:

The Capsule Shaped Gym Ball stands out with its ergonomic design, resembling a capsule for a modern and functional twist on traditional fitness balls. Crafted from high-quality, anti-burst materials, this gym ball ensures durability and safety during every workout.

Benefits of Capsule Shaped Gym Ball:

Enhanced Stability: The capsule shape provides a stable base, promoting improved balance and core engagement during exercises.

Versatility: Ideal for a wide range of exercises, including core workouts, yoga, Pilates, and strength training, offering a versatile fitness solution.

Space-Saving: The unique shape allows for easy storage and transport, making it a convenient fitness companion for home or on-the-go workouts.

Anti-Burst Technology: Crafted with puncture-resistant materials, the Capsule Shaped Gym Ball prioritizes safety, ensuring it deflates slowly even if punctured.

How to Use Capsule Shaped Gym Ball:

Inflation: Utilize the provided pump to inflate the Capsule Shaped Gym Ball to your desired firmness. Ensure proper inflation for optimal performance.

Core Workouts: Incorporate the gym ball into your core exercises, such as crunches and planks, to intensify muscle engagement and enhance overall strength.

Yoga and Pilates: Use the ball to support and challenge various yoga and Pilates poses, promoting flexibility, balance, and improved posture.

Dynamic Seating: Sit on the capsule-shaped gym Ball to engage your core muscles while working at a desk or watching TV, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Experience a new dimension of fitness with the Capsule Shaped Gym Ball – where style meets functionality for a well-rounded and effective workout routine.


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