Pelvic floor exercise stimulator

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week pelvic floor muscles
Bladder weakness
all urinary incontinence
Tighten, tone and improve pelvic
stress incontinence
stress incontinence
Urge incontinence


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pelvic floor exercise stimulator

Tightens & Tone the pelvic floor muscles, and restores pelvic health.

Programs 3,4,5 are ideal for women who have given childbirth and would like to strengthen, tighten, and tone their pelvic floor muscles and restore pelvic health.

How to pelvic floor exercise stimulator use:

1. Use the toilet before beginning the treatment if necessary.
2. Clean the inning of the probe as per the instructions.
3. Make sure the stimulator is turned off before use.
4. Connect the probe to the device as per the instructions.
5. Apply a thin coating of lubricating gel onto the vagina opening or apply a small amount of gel onto the tip of the probe.
6. Insert the probe into the vagina, (make sure the metal contacts are facing until the flange at the probe is just on the outside and is vertical.
7. Lay down or sit in a comfortable position with your knees up and your back supported by a cushion or pillow
8. Press the On/Off button for 2 seconds to switch the unit on.
9. Press the On/Off button to select a program. There are 5 programmes available.”f
10. Press the Intensity Increase button to increase the amplitude.
11. Press the Intensity Decrease button to decrease the amplitude.
Once a program is selected, you have 60 seconds to adjust the amplitude to a
comfortable level by pressing the On and Off buttons. After the program has started.
it will be repeated in a cyclical pattern as described in the specifications. Pattern as
described in the specifications.
12. After use, Press the ON/Off button to switch off the unit.
13. Disconnect the lead from the vagina by holding the flange.
14. Clean the probe as per the instructions

What is the price of a Pelvic floor exercise stimulator in Bangladesh?

The latest price of a pelvic floor exercise stimulator in Bangladesh is ৳18000 You can buy the pelvic floor exercise stimulator at the best price from our website or visit our Store.

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